BC WorkShop Supplies proves time and again
that it offers an amazing line of articles and garage tools and consumables.

BC Workshop Supplies aims to be the one-stop shop for all workshop and garage
tools, and proves that it is more than able to meet that goal. With more than
three decades’ experience, the company provides a wide range of consumables and
tools to numerous customers – including famous professionals and racers; always
with a smile and fast delivery. It boasts that it even provides goods not
appearing in supplier catalogues; all delivered by its 7.5t trucks or by mail
so the customer can start working within 48 hours.

contain all sorts of tools, bottles, canisters and equipment specifically for
the trade – and a garage operator or ambitious amateur takes pride in utility
gear and apparatus. The range is enormous - but BC Workshop Supplies takes on
the challenge with pride and delivers to customers’ doorsteps tools and
consumables for use in any garage, from Bulk Hand cleaners and degreasers or
maintenance products to a comprehensive range of security products and locks or
fuses, cable ties, auto bulbs, batteries, and more - all at very competitive

a good reason why BC Workshop Supplies is proud of its line – and there are
numerous reasons why residents and entrepreneurs in the areas of Lincolnshire,
Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and South Yorkshire purchase its goods and enjoy
its services. The company has been trusted for over 30 years for services by
vehicle mechanics, farmers, vegetable processing plants and DIY enthusiasts.
With a website featuring over 1000 products and a network of friendly staff and
national carriers, BC Workshop Supplies aims to provide all services and
products needed in a garage or workshop environment – even items not mentioned
in supplier catalogues – and to do so within 24 hours. There’s plenty available
in its huge warehouses, which is always stocked.

of BC Workshop Supplies’ dedication can certainly be found in its customers, to
whom Guy Martin, famous racer, belongs. “We are proud to help Guy with his
Tourist Trophy Challenge this year and wish him every success possible,” BC
Workshop Supplies states. It’s a well-earned responsibility, and Guy’s brother,
Stuart, now races around during the Isle Of Man TT races with BC Workshop
Supplies’ stickers on helmet and bike. It’s about creating a sound business and
proving its worth and quality of service all the way.