Guy Martin is no slouch; well he wouldn’t be really considering he is one of the leading motorcycle racing competitors in the UK and a leading light in the traditional TT Races held annually on the Isle of Mann. And as anyone who follows motor sport they will probably appreciate he is a first rate mechanic in his own right and repairs and services the entire collection of equipment which he uses in race meets up and down the country.


Again as one might expect the garage equipment which fills his workshop and the mobile equipment which has to be in attendance when he and his team and colleagues are involved in a race weekend or event has to be some pretty serious stuff. Professional racers and even amateur racers take no prisoners when it comes to the quality of the tools which they need to have available for their business and/or sport and insist on having the best quality and most diverse range of tools and equipment which is currently available.


 Consumable engineering supplies and equipment for high powered sports equipment has to be honed and engineered to perfection, nothing else will do; however, the same is true of equipment which is supplied to agricultural engineers and automotive engineers and workshops because after all, their businesses depend on satisfied clients returning for future repairs and maintenance. Many companies and businesses in automotive repairs and agricultural repairs are always looking at ways to reduce their overhead and costs, but cutting back on quality and level of service is not something which is conducive to good business.


 Owners and managers of general engineering, automotive and agricultural engineering and of course any business which uses grinders, drills and the consumables which go with them as well as power lifting equipment, hydraulic lifting and moving equipment, sealants, fixings, grease guns…in fact anything to do with a workshop operation should leave nothing to chance and deal with the experts.


BC Workshop Supplies has been around for over thirty years and the combined workforce are strongly professional yet at the same time a friendly bunch who will help in any way they can; your business success and strength is a vital component in their ongoing business success. Direct suppliers of tools and specialists in workshop and garage equipment for industries as diverse as farm equipment supplies and engineering to high performance motorcycle racers, they are on hand for continued support.